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Wrexham, LL12 9UH
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ABC Day Nursery

Outdoor Learning Focus & Play Policy

ABC Day Nursery provides a high quality professional service. Both my children attend and fully enjoy the wide range of activities available. All the staff are friendly and very approachable and do an excellent job of looking afer my children. They are also sensitive to any special needs that may be required from time to time. Overall an excellent establishment.
Mrs J Stennett

Children will feel confident in their abilities and are encouraged throughout all areas of learning. Children should be encouraged to develop a sense of adventure within their learning so that they feel confident to explore and experiment with new learning opportunities. They will know what they are good at and understand how they can improve.

The Nursery focus for outdoor provision offers children what the indoors cannot, or can only do in a limited way.

The aims are:

  • Outdoor Learning Focus at ABC Day NurseryTo link the children's learning relating to all areas of the Foundation Phase in Wales.
  • To develop children's social and emotional skills.
  • Develop children's language skills and cognitive development.
  • Nurture children's self-esteem and confidence.
  • Encourage physical activity and opportunities that the children would not normally experience at home. (Green house, Mini Beasts garden etc)
  • To adhere to all Health and Safety regulations. Children will not be left unattended and adult to child ratios will be strictly followed.
  • To provide suitable equipment.
  • To allow time and to have opportunities to go outside. At least 2 hours as long as the child is happy to do so during the mornings and 2 hours in the afternoon during the summer.
  • During the winter, children are encouraged to go outside for at least one hour a day and more if they are happy to do so.