Gwastad Hall,
Wrexham, LL12 9UH
Tel : 01978 761819
ABC Day Nursery

Fees / Pricing

What Benefits Are Available?

Child Tax CreditBenefits that are available to you as parents can be confusing. We are fully equipped to talk you through these and advise you about your entitlements.
These include:

  • Early Years Entitlement (Early Years Foundation Stage)
  • Tax Credits
  • Childcare Vouchers.

Childcare VouchersUp to 80% of Childcare fees can be provided for depending on your personal situation.

The nursery is open Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6.00 pm

Between the hours of 8-00am and 6.00pm

3 months to 8 years £38.95

Optional 7.30am start available at additional half hour fee.


Between the hours of 8-00am and 1-00pm. £23 - £65

Morning session includes lunch.


Between the hours of 1-00pm and 6-00pm.
Afternoon session includes tea.
Additional hours are £4.50
£23 - £65

Before and After School care for full and part-time children and Early Years Entitlement for three year olds living in Wrexham Borough is also available.

All sessions include meals and snacks where appropriate.

ABC Day Nursery closes at 6-00pm and therefore a £5-00 fee will be charged after this time. When a child starts at nursery, parents will be asked which session they are going to take up on a regular basis, so that invoices can be prepared in advance. Any additional time taken during the month will be invoiced separately before the end of the month. Fees must be paid in advance and are due on the first day of care by cheque or chip and pin.

There is a charge for cheques that fail. Please be aware that cheques are not always cashed directly when they are given.

Holiday Club

We have also introduced a Holiday Club for children attending the local school and other local teaching establishments which operates at a reduced rate during the school holiday period.

Retaining fee.

A retaining fee of 75% of the normal charge will be made for holidays, up to 4 weeks.
Absent days for sickness or any other reason will be charged for in full. If your child does not attend during the notice period, full fees will be charged. If the notice is not paid then any deposit paid will be kept by the nursery.
The nursery is closed for one week from 3:00pm on Christmas Eve until the first day after the New Year bank holiday, Good Friday and all Bank Holidays.
ABC Day Nursery reserves the right to amend the fees at any time. Parents will be advised of any changes one month prior to implementation.