Gwastad Hall,
Wrexham, LL12 9UH
Tel : 01978 761819
ABC Day Nursery


Luke has enjoyed his time at ABC. He has had a good foundation of his learning and social skills, which he will carry on through school. Thank you & thank you again for the care and attention Luke has received at ABC
Sandra Baker

Our Nursery is set in the quiet and peaceful surrounding of Gwastad Hall, surrounded by woodland and countryside. From here we are able to take the children out for walks, and there is little traffic in the private grounds.



Outdoor Play is encouraged at ABC Day NurseryWe encourage the children to play outside as much as possible, and we have a huge selection of toys to encourage them to use their imaginations, and stimulate physical activity. We have a garden and vegetable patch where the children learn about growing fruit and vegetables and the importance of recycling for the environment. We encourage them to appreciate the wildlife and learn about their surroundings. At ABC we believe that learning should be stimulating and fun, as well as educational , and we are continually developing new and exciting ways of encouraging child development in a safe and stimulating environment.

A large range of play equipment is available and we have carefully chosen materials and props to create an inspiring sensory experience that will help develop a child's imagination and language skills. Items such as gardening tools, brushes, and small world toys. We also use building blocks for construction play which helps the children develop their spatial awareness and motor skills, as well as problem solving. Physical play equipment such as tricycles, play houses, beams, blocks and tunnels helps encourage co-ordination, creativity and role play.

ABC Day Nursery Baby & Toodler AreaABC is designed for the needs of young children, with freshly decorated, large, bright age appropriate play rooms and areas. All of which are complete with indoor equipment, and entertainment systems specific to the children's interests. Our nursery recognises the vital importance of healthy eating, and we have a wonderful Nursery Chef who provides well balanced, fresh, quality meals. We incorporate as many of our organically home grown fruit and vegetables as possible so that the children understand and appreciate the importance of health and the environment.

We take specific care to introduce different tastes, and textures to the daily menu. We have been awarded five stars for our food excellence of which we are justifiably proud. The children regularly participate in baking sessions and enjoy creating their own themed food and indulging their creativity. ABC is regularly audited to ensure complete compliance with the Food Safety Act and a Food Safety Management system is strictly adhered to. We also follow the compulsory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is a learning framework that must be implemented in all registered childcare settings, thereby delivering the best care for your child.

Facilities at ABC Day Nursery